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Freitag, 11. Mai 2012

Wahlaufruf des griechischen Linksbündnisses SYRIZA für die Landtagswahl am Sonntag zugunsten DIE LINKE. NRW.

To the comrades and friends of Die Linke NRW

Dear comrades,

Dear friends,

With this letter we would like to express our warmest and truliest wishes for a great success of the Left in the forthcoming elections in NRW.

On our behalf, we are happy to convey you the message of the Greek people against the policies of super-austerity, unemployment and social destruction.

A message that became crystal clear in the recent Greek elections last Sunday, when our coalition, SYRIZA, became the second biggest political force in Greece, by obtaining 17% and 52 seats in the new Parliament.

This message must be heard by Ms Merkel and the rest of the EU leadership.

The peoples of Europe are the ones to define their own future.

They are the ones that are calling for an end to austerity and low wages policy and a radical redistribution of wealth.

Since the first moment, our parties, the parties of the European Left, have been insisting: This is not a national crisis, but a European and global systemic crisis of neoliberal capitalism, caused by the endless greed and domination of bankers, stock markets, rating agencies and multinationals.

This is not a conflict between the Greek, the Portuguese, the Irish, the French and the German people.

German tax-payers must know that the Greek people did not benefit not a single Euro by the so-called bail-outs and the 2 loans to Greece.

Those who benefit from these loans are the private bankers of Greece who get constantly rescued by the Greek and European tax-payers money.

But also the foreign lenders of Greece, the neoliberal talibans of Deutsche Bank and other global giants of the banking system, that keep on profiting from the scandalous, speculative terms and interest rates that were imposed, with the full support of the greek social-democrats and conservatives, on the backs of Greek people.  

SYRIZA and Die Linke have been working together closely, in the parliaments and the movements of resistance of the two countries, in order to present the true picture, inform the populations of our two countries and propose concrete alternatives.

At this point, we would like to warmly thank Die Linke and all German left activists and intellectuals who dared to challenge Ms Merkel "at home" and  answered to the smear campaigns of "Bild", FDP, Mr Schäuble and other conservative actors, by organizing magnificent and valuable actions of solidarity to the Greek people. 

Solidarity is not a theoretical term nor an abstract notion. It is the best weapon of the peoples of Europe, in their fight for the rejection of neoliberal  fundamentalism and the initiation of a difficult but necessary, democratic, social and political  process for the refoundation of our countries and our continent.

With these thoughts and the optimism deriving from the electoral and political earthquake that the Left caused in Greece, allow me to conclude, by wishing you the best of luck in your elections.

We hope that the people of NRW will send their own message of resistance to Ms Merkel and that they will trust Die Linke, the progressive, democratic and left alternative in Germany!

With our warmest regards,

On behalf of Synaspismos,

Yiannis Bournous
European Spokesman of Synaspismos

Member of the Executive Board of the European Left

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